Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The 1 Thing that Matters to US – Satu Duo

Dear The Allianz Amazing Hunt 2014 Task 1,

“Allianz Amazing Hunt”….omgee we are crazy to join this kind of activity but its okay just be positive and enjoy every crazy moment that will happens SOON…. I thought while joining this game there will be no headache task but im totally wrong cause we need to start this journey by posting this entry…hahahahaSo lets start to describe what are “The 1 Thing that Matters to US”…. There are too many things that can be matters to us, but we try not to be so greedy.So, "I DON'T STOP WHEN I'M TIRED, I STOP WHEN I'M DONE" is the one thing that matters to us...Mentioned phrases means a lot in our daily life. This is where we need to set a truthful goals, never set goals too high for ourselves which might not be attainable. Start with lesser goals and once we meet them, we can set higher goals.Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Nothing good comes easy, and every decision need strategies. Every decision need a little treasure galore of inspiration to motivate us on getting ourselves up to do what we want in your precious life and being the person we want to be.Every time we feel like quitting, we need to think about why we started, never ever lose hope and never regret on every decisions that we make.

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